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Master’s degree in Education, Training and Communication

Master’s degree in Education, Training and Communication

This study programme aims to initiate students into research by helping them master current techniques and concepts in Education Sciences and Information and Communication Sciences. It also aims to prepare future high-level professionals for work in education, training and scientific outreach. The programme is unique due to this double disciplinary affiliation, and to the scientific as well as social subjects that these two disciplines share.

The Master’s degree articulates the potential offered by combining two fields of research and social practices. It enables the construction of scientific and professional course tracks that are sufficiently original and diverse to be adapted to a constantly-evolving labour market, in a high-growth profession.

The Master’s degree is organised into four semesters. In the first year of the Master’s degree, the 1st semester features a core curriculum common to all five specialisations. The 2nd semester is an orientation semester. In the second year of the Master’s degree, the 3rd semester is a specialisation semester in which the courses are entirely specific to each specialisation. The 4th semester is dedicated to finalising both individual and group projects, especially the student’s professional project. During this final semester, students carry out an internship and complete a Master’s dissertation in the form that corresponds to their specialisation.

Pré-candidatures en ligne

La Commission de la Formation et de la Vie Universitaire (CFVU) de l'Unistra du 6 février et le Conseil d'Administration du 28 février 2017 ont validé les capacités d'accueil, les pré-requis et les modalités d'examen des candidatures en master 1: consultez-les en cliquant ici.

Date d'ouverture des candidatures : 18 avril 2017 sur le site https://aria.u-strasbg.fr/uds/

Date limite : 2 juin 2017

Commission pédagogique : 6 juin 2017

Avis d'admissibilité :9 juin 2017

Auditions semaines 24 et 25

Commission pédagogique : 27 juin 2017

Avis d'admission : 30 juin 2017