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University Diploma: Analysis of work and activity – Ergology

The “Analysis of work and activity – Ergology” University Diploma lends a new perspective and new tools to the question of skills. In this sense, this University Diploma offers a useful complement to anyone who works in education, mediation, organisation and human resources, communication, development, management, safety, quality control, or the engineering of training and skills.

In 2013, the training course in ergology will take advantage of the University of Strasbourg’s e-space distance learning platform. An online library, available 24/7, provides students with documentation and videoconferences. Three-quarters of classes and group work will also be done online, using a virtual classroom. Nevertheless, to encourage collaboration in student groups, three in-person seminars are held during the training course: at the beginning, middle and end of the study programme. The programme totals 180 hours, beginning at the end of March and ending at the end of January the following year.