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Research programme

Research programme

The Faculty houses the LISEC (Education & Communication Sciences Interuniversity Laboratory - EA 2310), which contributes to research in both Education Sciences and Information and Communication Sciences through the work carried out by the following four teams on learning environments for education and training (www.lisec-recherche.eu):

  • Activity, Work and Professional Identity (ATIP): works on defining the scope of action in the field of adult training, and studies learning devices as subjects of research;
  • Norms and Values (NeV): studies the philosophical, historical and anthropological aspects of learning environments; takes an epistemological and ethical approach to the learning environments that shape the current educational landscape;
  • Learning, Teaching and Educating Practices (AP2E): studies the phenomena that result in school and university spaces being transformed into learning environments, the space given to the relevant players in these same environments, and the procedures that turn these environments into new school and university spaces;
  • Technologies and Communication (Tech&Co): study of the political and cognitive aspects of digital learning devices used in educational environments, and scientific mediation measures in the social sphere.

The subjects of LISEC’s research focus its work on understanding the civic and educational challenges of knowledge-based society, and on the actions likely to allow as many people as possible to benefit from this knowledge. The target of LISEC’s research is the direct or indirect social benefit of Education Sciences and of Information and Communication Sciences: direct, when projects address the concerns of a regional partner or a contributor of funds to national or international research; indirect, when research leads to conceptual constructions that are put to a debate within the community.