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The club for Strasbourg’s Education Sciences students is pleased to welcome you to its screenings, outings and evening events.

The activities we organise include:

  • A visit to the Oberlin Museum in Waldersbach to discover the work of Pastor Jean-Frédérique Oberlin, who ensured that children attended school starting from a very early age
  • Screenings of films on education-related questions contemplated by educational figures who have marked the scholastic or informal educational landscape, including Maria Montessori, Januscz Korczak, Paulo Freire, Célestin Freinet, Fernand Oury, Germaine Tortel and many others
  • Social events for students in Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and PhD programmes

Edutopia members can receive support for cultural projects that raise awareness of Education Sciences. For example, “10 Figures of Educational Thought” was presented at the FES, the interuniversity humanities and social science centre (MISHA) or the Strasbourg teacher training institution (ESPE).

: corinne.obstetar@neuf.fr